SiteGen 2.0
SiteGen is a tool to generate content rendered with XSLT based on an XML document. This is the tool this and other web sites are entirely generated.

KeyRing 1.0
KeyRing is a very small and easy to handle tool providing an encrypted file, which can hold passwords and other sensitive information secretly.

SeaLights 1.0
SeaLights is a simple simulation software for learning the lights at sea.

OnHelp is a template for Word to get you quickly up and running in programming online help systems without using any fancy tools.

NotionCard 1.1
NotionCard is one of my latest development. It is a tool, which helps you learning all kind of notions and meanings.

DAO Library for Delphi 1.0
DAO Library for Delphi is developed to gain easy and fast access to Access databases.

Explorer Add-in Path/File Information
Explorer Add-in Path/File Information is a Shell Extension in the context menu of the Windows Explorer.

WinEdit 1.0
WinEdit A simple text editor for Windows.

File Analyse 1.0
File Analyse A small programm to analyse files for Windows.

Library List 1.0
Library List is a 16 Bit Windows sofware to inspect loaded libraries.
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