XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XPath, DOM
having used XSLT for almost 2 years in various projects and considering the age of the technology, it can safely the expert status claimed. The first time I used XSLT I realised the power in content driven projects. The separation of style and content is striking and subsequently I suggested using these technologies wherever it was appropriate. I never failed to deliver with XMLT.
Visual Basic
Starting with version three and realising the limitations in object oriented programming and access to underlying API functions I started developing custom controls in C and Delphi. With that knowledge I used Visual Basic throughout most projects.
SQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, mySQL, Access, Paradox, Data Architect
The first commercial project I implemented was a 4GL project based on an early Windows version of Paradox. With more than 70 tables I was forced to get back to university to find expertise in database design. The pressure of the project steeped the learning curve dramatically and entity relationship modeling became a natural thing to do.
Visual C++, Delphi, Java
As soon as object oriented programming became commercially available with Borland's implementation of C++ and Turbo Pascal I learnt it. Having programmed in procedural structures for many years I had to get used to an approach closer to reality. But the advantages in software system design following the "reality - system design - implementation" approach is eye-opening. Since ever I used object oriented programming as much as I could and subsequently disliked Visual Basic for its lack of inheritance and polymorphism.
Visual Basic
Certainly a great way forward in how software development is conducted for a GUI environments like Windows. But even in Version 6.0 the language Basic could not twisted to the degree necessary to comprehend true object oriented programming. Visual Basic clearly lives of it rich third party software controls written in C++.
Apache, CGI, Perl, IIS, ASP, Basic Script
Apache, the beloved web server never to be used on a Windows platform. Perl the somewhat weird scalar language designed for string manipulations. IIS is definitely the web server of choice for the Windows platform. Obviously that the manufacturer of the platform can deliver better services to its own products then other software manufacturer.
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