Have you ever programmed an online help? If so you might have wondered how you could create a consistent help file with word. The word template "OnHelp" was created to support writing online helps for applications. The focus on developing this template is simplicity. This implies two advantages. The template allows a quick start on programming an online help and because of it's reduced functionality it is easy to remember even if you have not been using it for a long time.

The functionality of the template is based on macros. However, the macros are harmless since they perform exclusively on the text and the formatting of the current document.

The included macros are fairly simple, however, with the toolbar together they provide a great deal of visualisation and support. This package is ideal for the start. Once you learnt the very basics e.g. titles, topics, index and links it isn't too difficult to explore further features of the help compiler.

The download includes three page long online help with RTF-source file, HPJ help project file and the compiled help file. This sample explains the features of the template "OnHelp". However, in order to compile, please make sure you are using version 4.03 of the Microsoft Help Compiler. You can download this version of the Microsoft Help Compiler from the Microsoft web site.

   Download this version [23 KB]

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