What do you do if you are asked once more for a password on a web page? Do you struggle memorising all the numbers for your bank cards, too? KeyRing helps you to keep all this secrets safely.

The aim was to create a program, which allows fast access, easy to use and safes the data in an encrypted file. Let me briefly explain how KeyRing can help you with your daily work.

The user interface is very reduced with eight buttons and two controls. The buttons extend and work with keys and rings in the file, change the password, open the help and close the program. Whether the first three buttons operate on a key or on a ring depends on the focus. This can either be set on the drop down list with all the rings or on the control listing all the keys.

The file is built like a hierarchy. Many keys can exist in a ring and many rings in a file. A key consists of a name and a content. The maximum length of the name is 32 and of the content 255 characters.

KeyRing is programmed in C++ and is based on Win32API and CryptAPI. Win32API is part of Windows and CryptAPI is part of Windows 95 OSR2 or later and Windows NT 4.0 or later. Also Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or later installs CryptAPI.

If you have questions regarding KeyRing, just drop a mail: KeyRing@cekay.net

I hope you enjoy using KeyRing and find it equally useful.

   Download English version [201 KB]

   Download German version [202 KB]

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