Technical Manager, IOShare Ltd, Hong Kong, China
12/2002 - current, permanent
Had responsibility for all technical implementations. Supervising and implementing ERP, CRM, ISP software systems with C#, VB.NET, C++, SQL, XML, XSLT.
Technical Manager, Miranor, Hong Kong/Düsseldorf, China/Germany
05/2003 - 10/2003, contract
Had responsibility for all technical and production management of the operation.
Technical Advisor, WellSilk Garment (Hong Kong) Ltd, Hong Kong, China
04/2002 - current, contract
Have responsibility for all technical aspects of the operation including software system production, software systems introductions, IT infrastructure planning, implementation and monitoring.
IT Consultant, Forensic Risk Alliance Ltd, New York, USA
01/2001 - 04/2002, contract
MS SQL Server 2000, MS Access & VBA, Java, XML, XSLT
Had responsibility for analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of parts of a claims handling and processing system. The system process over 250.000 claims of forced-labour workers prior and during the Second World War. The front-end is written in Access, VBA and Java, the backend exclusively in MS SQL Server 2000, reports in XML/XSLT.
XML Developer, Dell Computer Corporation, Bracknell, United Kingdom
10/2001 _ 12/2001, contract
XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XPath, DOM, Visual C++, Visual Basic 6, COM+, SQL Server 2000, ASP
Had responsibility for analysis, specification, design, implementation, and testing of a SQL Server/VB COM+/XML middle tier components and XSLT front-end molecules for the store system of the new website, Europe's largest website in terms of turnover.
XML/XSLT Developer, Consignia Plc, London, United Kingdom
04/2001 - 08/2001, contract
XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XPath, DOM, Visual Basic 6, COM, ASP
Responsible for analysis, specification, design, implementation, and testing of a VB COM/HTTP/XML component and various ASP pages for dynamic content request and delivery. Furthermore I analysed, specified, designed and implemented large amount of XSLT sheets rendering dynamic XML server messages into HTML to be displayed by this new post office kiosk system. These XSLT sheets were then used across the project by all other teams, which I subsequently guided and supervised on all XSLT software developed within this high-profile project.
XML Expert,, London, United Kingdom
03/2001 - 03/2001, contract
XML, SOAP, XML Schema, XPath, DOM, XSLT, Visual Basic 6, ASP
Responsibility for analysis, design, specification and implementation of an e-commerce interface for exchange of accounting data over the Internet utilizing XML, XML Schema, ASP, Visual Basic 6.0, HTTP, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Toolkit 2.0 and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1.
Project Manager,, London, United Kingdom
11/2000 - 03/2001, contract
Visual Basic 6, mySQL, XML/XSLT
Took complete responsibility for analyse, design, implementation and localisation (included hiring a team of translators) for the business and website of this dot-com start-up. Every translation of the whole system resides in a single XML document. I developed various transformation stylesheets (XSLT) to render these XML Documents into HTML, WML (WAP), SQL Scripts for the database and other plain text documents. The rendering process is completely automated with VB software based on MSXML3, I have implemented for that purpose. Background processing is implemented in Perl scripts, accessing a mySQL database on a UNIX server.
Technical Analyst, Planlogic (BP), City of London, United Kingdom
08/2000 - 11/2000, contract
Visual Basic 6, Oracle 8i
Analysed, designed and implemented the front-end for an international gas balancing system. The system is connecting to a variety of subsystem utilising the XML interface of Oracle 8i. I was involved in user interface design working together with an US company.
Team Leader, Treffpunkt Flugreisen GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany
04/2000 - 06/2000, contract
Visual Basic 6, XML/XSLT
Created software in Visual Basic for complete processing of a multilingual website based on XML, XSLT (transformation stylesheets) and XPath. The software utilized the latest version of Microsoft's MSXML3. I also implemented XSL style sheets for the transformation of the multilingual XML documents rendered into HTML.
Technical Analyst, ONdigital, London, United Kingdom
03/1999 - 03/2000, contract
Visual Basic 5/6 and Oracle 7.3/8
As a Technical Analyst, I work in a team responsible for a variety of projects such as the "subsidy system" and "pay per view schedule". The nature of the subsidy system is that it is linked to other major systems at ONdigital. The front-end is programmed in Visual Basic 6 using ADO accessing the back-end, which is an Oracle 8 database including many Stored Procedures in order to perform a variety of processing tasks.
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